Mo's Tavern @The Rainbow Room

Mateus: Goblet w13 p45

Join Mogan Khan at the Rainbow Room tavern, club, Biergarten, and bath house every Sunday evening (8pm EST) for a night of lighthearted RP.

Come hang out in our adventurer's tavern and have an ale and a light meal while you discuss your adventures and plans with your comrades...

Or stop downstairs to see what's happening in the club! Dancing... entertainers... who knows?

And if you're looking for a more intimate experience you can always take in one of our outdoor baths after having drinks in our biergarten. The choice is yours!

Help Wanted

We are currently recruiting for bartenders, bouncers, entertainers, and waitstaff.

If the idea of RPing a staff member for a lively yet laid-back venue appeals to you, then join our team and help create an immersive RP experience!

For more information please reach out to Mogan Khan.

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